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I got my kit a while ago, but never got around to uploading the pictures! Here they are, in all their fibery glory. =)

I woke up late because I had gone to the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows Pt. 1, and what do I find?

Mittens! They’re from the Fall 2010 issue of Interweave Knits–the Bavarian Tulip Mitts.

Then I unwrapped these:

Plymouth Galway in a color almost exactly like the Cascade I had ogled last time I was in the LYS, but didn’t get, and my jaw dropped when I saw the other one–it’s a gorgeous skein of Malabrigo Rios (my first Malabrigo!) in blue and green.

Mints–Pep-O-Mint, Wint-O-Green, and Andes Candies, the last two of which I used to buy for myself, but haven’t in a while, and hot chocolate mix–perfect for how cold it’s been lately!

Little bottle of Eucalan for me to try–I normally use Kookaburra so it’ll be cool to try something new.

Fall 2010 Interweave Knits–I used to buy this for myself but haven’t in a while. I found a little card inside next to the pattern for the Brattleboro hat, which my kit is themed around! =)

Patterns–Ailbe mittens, the supercabled Knotty but Nice hat, and a pattern for thrummed mittens which I’ve wanted to make for a while–I’ve currently got one on the needles, cobbled together from a few different patterns. =)

OODLES of other stuff–KA circ, Brittany DPNs (never tried these, so that’ll be cool), plenty of tapestry needles (I always lose my other ones!), Peppermint Wafer bars, cool wooden buttons, sock-shaped point protectors, double-ended stitch holders (will have to experiment with these to see how they work), and Eucalan lint-remover sheets.

Needless to say, I am SO SPOILED! Thank you to Minerva Wood/yogaknot! =)

Wrapping up!

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I’m just about ready to send out my partner’s kit–I just have to print out the pattern and it’s done! I plan to mail it early tomorrow. =)

I received my kit last week, and have taken gratuitous pictures, so now I just have to sit down and upload them all. =) Tomorrow morning, perhaps! I got a lot of cool stuff, including my very first Malabrigo–I got a gorgeous skein of Rios in greens and blues. =)

I saw Deathly Hallows twice–I went to the midnight showing and again on Sunday with a friend who couldn’t go to the midnight showing. I think it was done SO WELL–I was really pleased with how well the events translated to the screen.

I’m so excited to send out my kit and hope to have the pictures of mine uploaded soon!

Until then, have a great week everyone! =)


Tonight is the night! (and Kit-Related Progress)

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I’m going to a midnight showing of Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 tonight–so excited! I love all the hubbub and hype of midnight showings, and OF COURSE there’s the movie! I’ll be scrutinizing the knits for sure after all the stills I’ve seen with some pretty cool projects. =)

Speaking of projects, I finished the knitting of my spoilee’s main handmade item last week, and finished the last step last night. I’m pleased with how it came out. I’m working on one other handmade item that is taking me a little longer than the other one–I learned a new knitting technique for this one and everything! I’m pleased with it as well, although it did take me a little bit of time to fix some mistakes. I’m hoping to have it done by early next week. I think everything for the kit is mostly done–I might throw in a few more little extras but I think I have most everything already. =D

Now off to take my nap so I don’t fall asleep before the movie starts! I had tests today in both my classes so I’m drained…but that’s nothing a nap and a good dose of HP can’t fix!

Have fun, all, whenever you get to see the movie–I know some have already seen it! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Week 9 Quiz

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1. To which prison was Gellert Grindelwald sent after he was defeated by Dumbledore in 1945?

2. Who is the first casualty in The Deathly Hallows?

Charity Burbage, the Muggle Studies teacher

3. What does Draco Malfoy name his son?


4. Before Harry gains control of it, who is the master of the Elder Wand?
For some reason, I think it was Draco…because he got it from Snape? I remember thinking Voldemort going after Snape was pointless…

5. Severus Snape’s Patronus takes the same form as which other character’s?
Lily Potter

6. Where do Ron, Hermione and Harry apparate when Death Eaters invade Bill and Fleur’s wedding?
The Forest of Dean

7. Who does Harry send to search for Mundungus Fletcher and the missing locket?

8. Who destroys Salazar Slytherin’s locket?
Ron, with Gryffindor’s sword

9. What does Hermione use to destroy Helga Hufflepuff’s cup?
A basilisk fang, I think.

10. Following the death of Lord Voldemort, who is named temporary Minister of Magic?
Kingsley Shacklebolt?

So excited!

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I ordered some of the last things I needed for my spoilee’s kit today– I’m so excited about them! I also ordered some roving for the thrummed mittens I WANT so much to make, so between both of those I am eagerly anticipating that box on my porch. =)

I can’t believe (American) Thanksgiving is three weeks away! What?! The Deathly Hallows movie is even sooner than that–the 19th! All in all, very exciting.

It’s getting cold around here, and I’ve had to scrape my windshield a few times already. I’ve gotten to break out the knits though–I finished my Palindrome a while back, to match my Lucky 7 hat (both red), and I have patterned blue knit, fleece-lined flip mittens I bought from a vendor at my former school who said they were handknit in Nepal. They’re warm, but they don’t match the rest of my stuff, and there’s no insulation in the thumb/fingers. Besides, thrummed mittens look so fun! I’m looking forward to trying them–I’m going to use the Yarn Harlot’s pattern and I’ve been stalking finished projects on Ravelry. =)

I’ve been thinking about making some stuff to sell at craft fairs and the like, but I’m a bit bummed that I won’t have enough for any this year. There’s just not enough time. =) It would be a fun way to take a bite out of my student loan payments, whatever I sold. I get a lot of comments on my knitting from my coworkers, so that’s always fun.

Anyway, back to my knitting! I’m going to try knitting the tops of the legs of the toe-up socks I’m working on at the same time on one circ–I had a skein of variegated Cascade 220 Paints I was trying to use up, and I had to put in a solid-color stripe in the leg to make them long enough. I’m using what’s left of the variegated at the tops of the legs, but I don’t have a scale to weigh the yarn (probably after Christmas) and I don’t feel like unraveling it to divide the length of what remains in the ball, sooo…I’m going to try to knit from both sides of my center-pull ball to get matching socks. I’ve been knitting intensely for six years and it’s still fun to try new techniques! Yay!

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween (early) everyone! I won’t be participating in actual Halloween festivities on the day, (I have to work) but I did get to go out to dinner with a group of friends who were in the area for the weekend. I dressed as a Hogwarts student, minus the robes- shirt, skirt, sweater. It was fun, but short. I got to have some Halloween fun after all. =) I’m getting so close to finishing all the decisions for my spoilee’s kit–I just have to hear back from her on one clarification and everything will fall even more into place. Yay!

I hope everyone has a safe, fun weekend! =)

I just remembered something too–when I went to my old school’s Homecoming parade, I brought home a lot of candy. There’s that part of Halloween covered right there! =)

Finished Palindrome!

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YAY! I just finished my beautiful red Palindrome! For those of you who don’t know, Palindrome is like the Irish Hiking Scarf, but reversible. Reversible cables! So cool! For a scarf, both sides are going to show anyway, so might as well make them pretty. =) It is a beautiful red, Cascade 220 shade 9404, ruby. I made it to match my Lucky 7 Hat, which is knit out of a similar shade of Plymouth Galway.

I picked up the yarn over the weekend to make matching Urban Necessity Gloves. I have made more Urban Necessity Gloves than anything else, I think. They’re a bit fiddly but so, so useful. Then again, once it gets Seriously Cold (and I live in the Midwest, there’s plenty of it) single-thickness worsted-weight gloves aren’t warm enough, and I retreat into the bulky-wool-and-fleece-lined flip mittens that I bought at my former university from a man that said they were handmade by women in Nepal. Wherever they’re from, they’re warm. I’ve been considering making a pair of thrummed mittens for this winter, but I’d have to convert them into flip mittens–regular mittens just aren’t that functional when you can’t use your fingers, and I can’t stand having my fingers trapped. Besides, taking them off in below-zero windchill to do, well, anything just isn’t a good idea. I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

My current projects on the needles now that Palindrome is done are a pair of worsted-weight socks (a bit stalled after the heel turn on the first one as I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn for a pair, but it’s a whole ball of Cascade 220 Paints…I don’t know) and an Urban Necessity Glove that just needs the little thumb flap (I modified how I do the pattern after I bought my fleecy flip mittens and they had a thumb flap). The thumb flap will probably take me about all of ten minutes to do, and I still haven’t done it…I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t feel the pressing need. They’re a surprise Christmas present and Christmas is two months away. I’d just kind of like them off the needles though.

I think I will start a pair of socks next. Fingering weight socks, probably black to go with my work/dress clothes so I don’t have cold feet in my dress shoes this winter. Hmm. And I should probably figure out the worsted-weight sock yarn quandary. I don’t have a yarn scale (although I’ll probably ask for one for Christmas…I haven’t found one that goes down to tenths of a gram, any ideas?) so I can’t evenly divide the yarn that way, and they *have* to match because I’m not keeping them. It’s a purple/burgundy/gray colorway, so maybe I’ll try to match a gray for the legs of the socks. Hmm.

Yay knitting. So many options. I’ll post a pic of my beautiful red Palindrome soon, as soon as I stop being lazy long enough to go get the camera. It took almost all of 2 skeins of Cascade 220, with just a few yards left.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! =)


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